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MORE THAN 730 military personnel took part in HRH The Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral ceremony at Windsor Castle... Read More on Page 2 & 3
AIRMEN AND women joined the Band of the Household Division at Pirbright Army camp in Surrey to practise for the funeral of The Duke of Edinburgh... Read More on Page 4
AAS RAF personnel selected to take part in the Duke’s funeral ceremony polished their drill technique alongside the Army and Navy, Gp Capt Nick Worrall prepared for the biggest occasion of his career... Read More on Page 5
SINCE EARNING his RAF wings in 1953 Prince Philip had a lifelong passion for aviation... Read More on Page 6 & 7
UK MILITARY bases across the world paid their respects following the announcement that HRH Prince Philip had died... Read More on Page 8
PRIME MINISTER Boris Johnson led international tributes to His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh... Read More on Page 9
AMONGST THE long list of Honorary Military positions across the UK and Commonwealth, Prince Philip was a Marshal of the RAF, Air Cdre in Chief of the Cadets, Air Cdre of the University Air Sqns and an Honorary Air Cdre of RAF Kinloss... Read More on Page 10 & 11
HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh picture feature... Read More on Page 12
HRH PRINCE Philip forged a successful career in the Royal Navy serving with distinction in World War II... Read More on Page 13
TYPHOONS LAUNCHED a 10-day blitz of Daesh terror targets in northern Iraq during a surge against Islamist militants... Read More on Page 15
THE RAF is helping to drive forward plans to slash aviation emissions as the UK battles to hit Boris Johnson’s pledge to make the UK a zero carbon nation by 2050... Read More on Page 16 & 17
Mowbray’s Gunner be the one to watch... Read More on Page 19