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Latest Headlines

FORMER FORCES leavers are flooding back to the military and filling RAF posts across the ranks... Read More on Front Page
F˜35 B JETS are now on stand-by for short notice missions after Britain’s Carrier Strike Group declared initial operating capability... Read More on Page 5
A WARTIME Spitfire pilot has had a treasured heirloom replaced by air historians after burglars stole the original from his Falmouth home... Read More on Page 7
RAF GAMERS needed console-ation after being beaten in the finals of an international contest... Read More on Page 9
SHARPSHOOTER CPL Phil Dye is hitting new heights after being crowned the RAF’s best photographer... Read More on Page 10
FALKLANDS˜BASED fast jets provided air cover for troops practising assault manoeuvres on the South Atlantic islands... Read More on Page 11
FIGHTERS OF the future could be fuelled from household waste under bold MOD plans to slash carbon emissions... Read More on Page 13
ENGINEER Warrant Officer Emma Hanson was bowled over by her colleagues after retiring as a regular with 36 years’ unbroken service... Read More on Page 15
RECRUITERS ARE enticing ex-military personnel to leave civvy street to fill RAF vacancies... Read More on Page 16 & 17
Royal Air Force New Year Honours List 2021... Read More on Page 18 & 19
THE RAF’S top snappers have been recognised in the Service’s annual photographic awards... Read More on Page 20 & 21
BRITISH VOYAGER tankers refuelled four French fighters during a 4,000-mile journey to North East Africa... Read More on Page 23
Obituary- Gp Capt Derek Rake, OBE, AFC*... Read More on Page 25