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Defence Minister Penny Mordaunt joined more than 150 military personnel for London’s Pride march to mark the 20th anniversary of the lifting of the ban on LGBTQ people serving in the military... Read More on Page 3
DEFENCE chiefs have paid tribute to the Dambusters after the F-35B successfully completed its first operational missions... Read More on Page 4
THE UK’S F-35 stealth fighter could be launching its first missions from the decks of the Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth carrier by autumn after cutting its combat teeth in Iraq and Syria... Read More on Page 5
It’s SU close for RAF Typhoon.
THIS IS the dramatic moment an RAF Typhoon intercepted a Russian SU-27 jet over Estonia... Read More on Page 7
And Spicy Piper Mark goes Above and Beyond, too... Read More on Page 9
ENGLAND RUGBY chiefs called in RAF survival experts to lift their chances in the Rugby World Cup in Japan... Read More on Page 11


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