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Royal Air Force News Friday, May 17, 2019 P3

         “    This was our first

         chance to secure a
         Challenge Cup place                     We could see
                                            RAF and Luftwaffe
         and we fought hard to              “                                                                         “    Like Amélie, I sometimes
         secure it                          Typhoons side                                                             struggle to connect with the
                                            by side on QRA                                                            world in a normal way        ”
                                             XI(F) Sqn                                                               Actress
                                             Commanding                                                              Brisson,
                                             Officer Wg Cdr                                                          star of
                                             Paul O’Grady on                                                         Amélie The
                                             policing Nato’s                                                         Musical,
                                             skies in the Baltic
       Flt Lt Linda McLean,                  p9                                                                      now on
       RAF ladies RL team                                                                                            tour
       captain on her side’s                                                                                         RnR p4-5
       historic win p35


                                     to mark

                                     sub date

                                     Staff Reporter

                                     NEWLY APPOINTED  Defence
                                     Secretary Penny Mordaunt joined
                                     Forces chiefs and Prince William
                                     for a service to mark 50 years
        RAF News                     of the UK’s submarine nuclear
        Room 68                      deterrent.
        Lancaster Building             Prior to the ceremony at
        HQ Air Command               Westminster Abbey, First Sea
        High Wycombe                 Lord Admiral Sir Philip Jones,
        Buckinghamshire              announced HMS King George VI
        HP14 4UE                     as Britain’s fourth Dreadnought
                                     submarine – and the first to
        Editor: Simon Williams       carry a Royal title.
        Email:    Mordaunt        said:
        Tel: 01494 497412            “Operation  Relentless
                                     has  seen generations
        Sports Editor: Daniel Abrahams  of  submariners  from                                                                            LANDMARK DATE: Penny
        Email:  HMS       Resolution                                                                                Mordaunt with First Sea Lord
        Tel: 01494 497563            to HMS Vengeance                                                                                    Sir Philip Jones and Prince
                                     on constant watch,                                                                                  William at Westminster. Inset
                                                                                                                                         left, Chief of the Air Staff
        Features Editor: Tracey Allen  for every minute of                                                                               Sir Stpehen Hillier and Lady
        Email:  every day for the last                                                                        Hillier arrive for the service
        Tel: 01494 497622            five  decades.  This  is  the
                                     longest military operation
        News Editor: Simon Mander    we have ever undertaken and
                                     continues right this minute deep
        All advertising:             under the sea.”
        Edwin Rodrigues
        Tel: 07482 571535
        Email: edwin.rodrigues@rafnews.  This Week In History
        Subscriptions and                                           1941
        Johnstone Publishing Ltd                                    Crete evacuated
        26 Whitehall Road                                           by Sunderlands
        LS12 1BE
        Tel: 0207 855 7574                                          The last airworthy craft on Crete
        Email:                                 were evacuated following intense
                                                                    Luftwaffe air attacks – as Allied
                                                                    Forces withdrew from the island.
                                       Harriers deliver
                                       for Hermes                                                 1957
                                       Operation Corporate: No 1(F)                               Operation Flintham             The Vulcan entered squadron
                                       Sqn from HMS Hermes flew                                                                  service with No.83 Sqn at RAF
                                       its first operational sortie when                          THE RAF/USAF Memorandum  Waddington.
                                       two Harriers were vectored                                 of Understanding on supply of  Extracts from  The Royal Air Force
                                       towards a ‘bogey’ at 30,000ft.                             atomic weapons and co-ordination  Day By Day  by Air  Cdre  Graham
                                                                                                  of nuclear strike plans was signed.   Pitchfork (Sutton Publishing).
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