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Royal Air Force News Friday, April 19, 2019 P3

         “    I feel very

         pleased with how
         things have worked                 “    Racing a Hawk
         out for me                         T1 jet against Lewis                                                           Once they left Corfu
                      ”                     Hamilton in a F1 car                                                      “
                                            was a very good day                                                       their lives became even
                                                                                                                      more interesting
                                            at work                                                                                         ”
                                                                                                                   Keeley Hawes,
                                                                                                                   who plays
                                             The Red Arrows’                                                       matriarch
                                             longest-serving                                                       Louisa in The
                                             pilot, Sqn Ldr                                                        Durrells, on
                                             Mike Ling, on a                                                       the real Durrell
       Trainee pilot Jake Weeks              career highlight                                                      family
       on being first to fly the             p9                                                                    RnR p4-p5
       new Grob Prefect and
       Phenom aircraft
                                     F-35 milestone mission

                                     l Continued from front
                                     CHIEF OF the Air Staff Air Chief
                                     Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier said:
                                     “It’s great to see 617 Squadron, the
                                     modern day Dambusters, flying
                                     the most advanced and dynamic
                                     fighter jet in the UK’s history and
                                     about to start their first overseas
                                       “I have no doubt that this short
                                     deployment will offer many tests,
        RAF News                     but likewise I am confident that our
        Room 68                      highly trained and skilled personnel
        Lancaster Building           will rise to the challenge.”
        HQ Air Command                 Britain currently owns 17 F-35s
        High Wycombe                 with another tranche expected to
        Buckinghamshire              arrive this year.
        HP14 4UE                       It is the first aircraft to combine
                                     radar-evading stealth technology
        Editor: Simon Williams       with supersonic speeds, the ability
        Email:  to conduct short take offs and
        Tel: 01494 497412            vertical landings and operate from
                                     land and sea.
        Sports Editor: Daniel Abrahams  Defence   Secretary  Gavin
        Email:  Williamson said: “These formidable
        Tel: 01494 497563            fighters are a national statement of
                                     our intent to protect ourselves and
        Features Editor: Tracey Allen  our allies from intensifying threats                                                                 GLOBAL REACH:
        Email:  across the world.”                                                                               F-35 will be operating
        Tel: 01494 497622              The  posting  will  allow  personnel                                                                 from the deck of Queen
                                     from the jointly manned RAF and RN                                                                     Elizabeth carrier from
        News Editor: Simon Mander    Lightning Force to gain experience in                                                                  2020
                                     maintaining and flying the aircraft in
        All advertising:             an unfamiliar environment.
        Edwin Rodrigues
        Tel: 07482 571535
        Email: edwin.rodrigues@rafnews.  This Week In History
        Subscriptions and                                                                                                        1984
        Johnstone Publishing Ltd                                                                                                 88 Sqn river drop
        26 Whitehall Road                                                                                                        A  Sunderland  of  No.88  Sqn
        Leeds                                                                                                                    landed on the River Yangtze with
        LS12 1BE
        Tel: 0207 855 7574                                                                                                       aid for HMS Amethyst.

                                       1943                         1927
                                       Spitfires in joint           Bombing and air               1942
                                       Tunisia attack               firing range open             Coastal Command
                                       Spitfires and USAAF fighters
                                       intercepted 80 escorted Junkers   RAF Practice Camps North Coates   November marked the formation
                                       Ju52 transport aircraft off   Fitties, Sutton Bridge and Weston   of Strike Wings to attack heavily-
                                       Cap Bon, Tunisia. Fifty-nine   Zoyland opened for bombing and   defended  convoys  suppling  the  Extracts from  The Royal Air Force
                                       transports were shot down and   firing range practice.     Nazi war effort from Scandinavia  Day By Day  by Air  Cdre  Graham
                                       24 Ju52s in a separate attack.                             down the coast of Europe       Pitchfork (Sutton Publishing).
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