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                                                                      Lighting strikes

                                                                      Warrior nations

                                                                      F-35 stealth fighter debut on

                                                                      Nato’s UK- based war game

       GAME ON: Virtual reality hardware replicates Red Arrows manoeuvres
       Gamers seeing Reds

       in cyber showdown

       Siimon Mander                 flew as best as l could.”
                                        Sqn Ldr Morris said: “That was a
       THE UK’S top computer gamers   lot of fun, but I fully appreciate how
       challenged RAF aerobatics aces to   difficult it is to fly a virtual display.
       put on a display in cyberspace.  What they do is very impressive.”
         Nine  members of the Virtual   The  Virtual  Red  Arrows  Hawk
       Red Arrows team took on the     has been specially constructed
       real deal using hi-spec              for the team to match the
       tech complete with                      real aircraft in every
       aircraft seat, joystick                   detail possible.
       and headset at                                Red  1   Sqn       Simon Mander                 Nato warships, helicopter crews,  the new fifth generation F-35
       Scampton.                                   Ldr Martin Pert                                   tankers and other surveillance  Lightning aircraft and our Royal
         Dale Brewis,                               who   led  the      THE RAF’S newest jet is taking  aircraft.                Navy colleagues’ latest Type 45
       who      plays                               Real   Arrows       part  in  one  of  Europe’s  biggest   Dambusters  commanding  Destroyers.
       ‘Red 5,’ in the                              for a display in    military manoeuvres for the first   officer, Wg Cdr John Butcher,   “This  level  of  training  is  vital
       online  outfit,                              cyberspace said:    time.                        said: “Being able to provide the  to maintain our ability to face
       who   practise                               “Leading   the        And       combat-hardened  unique fifth generation capabilities  our adversaries, whomever and
       together  three                             team  in virtual     Typhoon crews back from  that Lightning has, proved to be  wherever they may be in the
       times  a  week                              reality was very     targeting  Daesh  on  Operation  decisive in enabling control of the  world.”
       for  live  displays                        challenging.          Shader are using the opportunity  air to be gained.”        He said aircrews were also
       streamed  on  the                           “The     Virtual     to team up with the Lightning   Officer Commanding XI(F)  honing their Quick Reaction
       internet,  paired-up                   Red Arrows rely on        and the Navy’s newest warships to  Sqn, Wg Cdr Paul O’Grady, said:  Alert skills in preparation for
       with his real-life alter ego        great teamwork and lots of   forge a potent fighting force.   “Exercise Joint Warrior provides  the  squadron’s  forthcoming
       Squadron Leader Steve Morris and   practise. Just like we do.”     Crews from 617 Dambusters  vital training.             deployment to Estonia on Nato
       taught him how to ‘fly’ the virtual   The Red Arrows’ UK display   Sqn, reformed to operate the   “The Squadron has been  Baltic Air Policing duties later this
       jet.                          season starts in June.             UK’s stealth jet, have been used  conducting essential offensive  year followed by a deployment to
         He said: “I was really nervous   Later in the summer the team   to network combat critical data to  and  defensive  missions  with  Iceland.
       before the display but once we had   will be jetting off across the Atlantic
       started, l tried to forget that l was   to fly the flag and thrill audiences
       displaying for my heroes and just   in the USA and Canada.

       Stateside training lifts Poseidon P-8

       RAF AIRCREW  who will pilot  includes honing anti-submarine  conducting  basic  pilot  training  in
       the UK’s new Poseidon sub hunter  and anti-surface warfare skills at  Texas alongside the USAF on the
       have launched a series of low level  medium and low altitude.  simulator-based ‘Pilot Training
       combat drills alongside the US   The UK has ordered nine  Next’ programme designed to
       Navy in Florida               Poseidon P-8 maritime patrol  reduce the time it takes for students
         Pilots, weapons system operators  aircraft which will guard the UK’s  to get airborne.
       and engineers from Lossiemouth-  nuclear submarines and carry out   A spokesman said: “We need to
       based 120 Sqn are taking part in  search and rescue missions.  push the envelope and innovate our
       a six-month course ahead of the   Work on a £132 million facility  pilot training pipeline.
       aircraft’s delivery to the Scottish  to house the new P-8 fleet is nearing   “Having this partnership and
       station in 2020.              completion at Lossiemouth.     having people here to learn what the
         The latest phase of their training   RAF  instructors  are  also  US Air Force is doing is invaluable.”
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