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         “    I challenged the                   I truly believe
         lads and they have
                                            there will be a day
         risen to it                        “
                     ”                      when CAS is not                                                           “    I have always found
                                            aircrew and is a                                                          other people to be quite
                                                                                                                      accepting about my beliefs
                                            woman                                                                                                        ”
                                                                                                                   Defence Pagan
                                            Air Marshal Sue                                                        chairman RN
                                            Gray, speaking                                                         sub navigator
                                            on a visit to RAF                                                      Dan Coultas
        Sgt Kev Barry SRT                   Cosford p18                                                            p13
        football head coach
        on his side’s IS

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        Sports Editor: Daniel Abrahams
        Tel: 01494 497563            l Continued from front                   Officer Commanding 202 Squadron.         aircraft.
                                       The 29-year-old star plays a USAF fighter   During a recent posting to Afghanistan she   Larson has been outspoken in her support
        Features Editor: Tracey Allen  pilot who develops superpowers following a  worked with the USAF and the newly formed  for more diversity in the movie industry and
        Email:  freak accident.                    Afghan Air Force in a mentoring role, training  was delighted to share the spotlight with female
        Tel: 01494 497622              Members of the cast were joined by nine  one of the country’s first female pilots.  frontline fighters as the UK marked International
                                     female aviators for the launch, including Sqn   Also present were frontline pilot Sqn Ldr  Women’s Day.
        News Editor: Simon Mander    Ldr Ally McDowell who flew search and rescue  Penny Butterfield who flew Merlin helicopters in    Co-stars Samuel L Jackson and British actors
                                     choppers alongside Prince William before  Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan and Flt Lt Victoria  Jude Law, Gemma Chan and Lashana Lynch also
        All advertising:             becoming a helicopter instructor and is currently  Weaver who pilots the RAF’s unmanned Reaper  took time out to chat to the Forces VIPs.
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        LS12 1BE
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                                       1941                         1983
                                       Halifax attacks              Falkland Phantom
                                       Bomber Command began a  The Falkland Islands Phantom
                                       prolonged campaign against French  detachment, formed from No.20   1967
                                       port Brest, with the aim of damaging  Sqn after the islands were captured,   Hunter Mop-up
                                       German   Navy   battlecruisers  was disbanded. Following this its
                                       Scharnhorst, Gneisenau and Prinz  place was then taken over by No.23   Op Mop-Up: RAF Chivenor and   Extracts from  The Royal Air Force
                                       Eugen preventing them from  Squadron, which was reformed at   West Raynham Hunters bombed an   Day By Day  by Air  Cdre  Graham
                                       leaving the port.            RAF Stanley.                  oil slick in Cornish waters.   Pitchfork (Sutton Publishing).
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