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         That’s all folks

           END OF AN ERA: Sqn Ldrs Ian Dornan,
           left and Stephen Beardmore after the last
           Tornado flight. PHOTO: PA
         Staff Reporter                         Sir Stephen said “Today is a time to   some of the first Operational Service Medals   The final scheduled flight of an RAF
         RAF Marham                           rightly recognise the  truly  exceptional   to those who have worked so hard on the   Tornado was carried out by Sqn Ldr Ian
                                              achievements of the people who have been   ground to deliver Tornado’s success on its   Dornan and Sqn Ldr Stephen Beardmore
         THE RAF’S  last Tornado crews were  the Tornado Force.                    most recent operation – fitting recognition   who performed a flypast over the crowd.
         honoured for their role destroying the   “We  reflect  on  the  courage,  skill,   that the RAF’s operational achievement is   Sqn Ldr Dornan said: “It was an honour
         Daesh terror group as the remaining two  commitment and, sadly, sometimes sacrifice   always a team effort.”   and a privilege to be the crew to fly this
         squadrons to operate the veteran bomber  of those who have been at the heart of the   Up to 850 guests gathered in the hangar   iconic jet for the very last time .
         were disbanded.                      Tornado story, from its inception through to   for the parade led by  Wg Cdr Kevin   “Sqn Ldr Beardmore said: “It has been
           Twelve members of IX Sqn and 31 Sqn were  the present day. All have played their p a r t   Gatland, Chief of Staff of the Tornado   fantastic to see the support that we have
         presented with the Operation Shader Medal  to the full in the success      Force, with Wg Cdr James Heeps, Officer   received from the public who gathered
         by Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal  story that is Tornado.          Commanding IX(B) Sqn, and Wg Cdr   across the UK to say goodbye. The skies
         Sir Stephen Hillier during an emotional   “I’m  especially                     Matt Bressani, Officer Commanding   over Norfolk and the UK are going to be a
         disbandment parade at RAF Marham.    delighted to present                        31 Sqn.                       lot emptier without her.”

                                                                      FAREWELL:  Left, CAS talks to parade members during
                                                                      the 9 and 31 Sqn disbandment parade. Above, the parade
                                                                      in front of a Tornado. Inset, the final flight. PHOTOS: SAC
                                                                      Joshua Dines, SAC Victoria Goodhall, Cpl Steve Buckley
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